CFP MSA for 40/100G

The first day of OFC 2009 brought some long awaited news – that is the release of a MSA for 40Gbps & 100Gbps pluggable modules – which is supported by industry heavyweights Finisar, Opnext and Excelight(aka Sumitomo). To coincide with this Opnext announced the world first 100GBase-LR4 module (sorry folks but they seem to have skipped the 40G or decided it was too soon to cannibalise there existing 40G business)

The detailed data for the 40G/100G MSA can be found at however here’s a quick summary.

Overview : The proposed MSA is clearly optimized for 100G applications with the ability to implement 40G, the electrical interfaces support not only the IEEE 802.3ba CAUI and XLAUI but also the OIF SFI-S and SFI-5.2 (so basically anything that requires nx10G serial data). The pin out does allow 2x40Gbps and 3x40Gbps but as these links are for backbone we don’t expect that to be a flyer. What did catch our eye is the support of SFI-5.2 which would allows modules to transport OC768 or OTU3 data streams which cannot make use of the MLD layer of 40/100G Ethernet.

Size : The MSA proposes a module that is 70mm wide (83mm including face plate), 145mm long and 15mm high (25mm including heatsink). This makes the module actually a little bit bigger that the proposed 300pin 40G VSR small form factor modules that are being developed by Finisar and Opnext (W=89mm, L=114mm, H=13.7mm).

Optical Interface : The main focus is on the 100GBase-LR4 or the 40GBase-LR4 as there is only a single optical interface (SC connector – no pigtail!) however the register set for the module control leaves room for single wavelength (e.g. 40G VSR) and DWDM interfaces.

Its clear from the interface and most of all the size that this MSA is focused on 100Gbps with the option to use it for 40Gbps interfaces, however that may turn out to be an advantage as it will be much easier to put together a 40GBase-LR4 module due to the more relaxed board layout. Anyhow hats off to the folks at Finisar, Opnext and Excelight for working together on this as it brings us one step further to the actual realization of 40G Ethernet and maybe an optimized 40Gbps MSA – let’s see

40G Ethernet Resource Center

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    excellent source of information, pls keep it coming.

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